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The AFTraction trencher is perfect for Landscapers who will be delighted at it’s introduction. This new self-propelled sportsturf trenching machine has been designed in response to a call for a simple to use, pedestrian trencher for small-scale projects. The AFTraction is without doubt the ideal solution for installing trenches for short drainage and irrigation lines, cable laying and installing curb stones.

Landscape contractors, greenkeepers and groundsmen will quickly find the AFTraction becomes an essential part of their turf and grounds maintenance regime.

At AFT Trenchers we supply a wide range of solutions for Sportsturf drainage and so if you would like to find out more then please click on the link below or call us on 01787 311811 for advice about the right solution for you.

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Main features of the AFTraction Trencher

  • The AFTraction is very easy to operate with all the controls within the grasp of the operator standing on the rear footplate, the 13hp Honda 390 GX engine powers the AFTraction to provide an easy method of installing up to 6" (16cm) wide trenches down to a depth of 24" (60cm).
  • The hydraulic depth controls for the digging boom with chain and trench cleaner allow you to vary the depth as you go, and the chain is equipped with mixed soil blades and bullet teeth to deal with a variety of digging conditions.
  • Two speed settings with the flexibility of moving left and right is perfect in areas with restricted access. The machine fits easily on the back of a pick-up or on a small trailer and the narrow dimensions of 59" (150cm) length and 28" (70cm) width will fit through gateways and along paths and walkways.
  • Where the footprint impact to the surface has to be considered, such as golf greens or lawned areas in parks, the unique, wide rubber tracks displace the 280kg weight evenly, minimising surface disruption and compaction.

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Optional Items
  • Soil clear-up pack
  • Narrow slitting chain
  • Laser depth grading
Alternative Product

For wider widths see AFT 45 with chain

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