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MH 100 - Excavator mounted trencher

The most versatile trencher for demanding conditions

For excavators with hydraulic oil supply of 200l/min at 280 Bar. Designed to fit on the digging arm of larger excavator, and digging wherever the arm can reach: over barriers, down slopes, in road verges, in canals, etc.

Digs trenches up to ten times faster than an excavator with a bucket and exactly at the width needed.

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Main features of the MH 100

  • Neat and economical high speed trenching, up to ten times faster than backhoe or excavator.
  • Easily changeable digging widths from 125 to 440mm (5 "- 17").
  • Maximum digging depths of 1.0, 1.2 or 1.4m.
  • Can be fitted with extra heavy digging chain with bullet teeth for very stony soil conditions.
  • Hydraulic radial piston motor and planetary drive to achieve optimum power to the digging chain.
  • 360 ° turntable offers limitless trenching angles for offset.



This model is suitable for:

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  • Variable depth control
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