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How is drainage on your farm?

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AFT 1OO - The best investment for long term yield improvement; also provides an excellent opportunity for local contracting

Latest AFT 100 trencher provides the solution to farm drainage

The AFT 100 trencher is designed to create efficient land drainage preventing the soil from becoming saturated. This allows crops to flourish,obtaining the right level of moisture to encourage good root development and natural growth. nt the same time the land remains accessible for machines at all times. lt is the most economical way, long term to improve crop yields.

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New AFT Rope Sandbander

AFT Rope Sandbander machine

The new AFT Rope Sandbander provides the installation solution for innovative drainage systems.

AFT Trenchers has developed the new Rope Sandbander to provide a unique method of installing the Passive Capillary Drainage (PCD) from Aqua-terra Europe. The re-engineered Sandbander enables effective sports turf drainage to be performed with minimal disruption, quickly and effectively.

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Drainage and Flooding

AFT wizz wheel latest

Drainage and flooding are hot topics after the recent flooding the UK has experienced over most of the winter months this year. It is now being said we should get used to these extreme weather conditions as they are going to be the way of the future due to the changing climate. The best way for you to avoid the same intensity of flooding, should we have the same heavy downfall, is to put in place a management plan that will help you have better control and be more prepared over these types of conditions in future.

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AFT45 Trencher brings Stanmore Golf Clubs Course up to Par

Agricultural drainage

The AFT45 is a compact tractor used for the installation of drainage and irrigation system, and is ideal to use in situations where minimal disruption is required, so is ideal for use on Golf Courses or sports fields. When the Stanmore Golf Club decided to update their current irrigation system they contacted AFT Trenchers Ltd and decided the AFT45 was the machine for them.

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AFT Sandbander saves the Day

Drainage machine

Poor conditions in some parts of the football pitches at Aston University saw too many matches cancelled over the last few years. This has caused problems not only to the university but also to the local community who use the fields for football games. The grounds manager at Aston University decided they needed to get this sorted once and for all and they wanted to find a solution fast as they were losing much needed revenue from these cancelled matches.

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