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Multi-Use Trailer

The most versatile trailer you will ever need

Designed to do a wide range of tasks:- use it as a powerful spreader, to place sand into bunkers, to fill other machines on the go or to fill trenches with gravel.

Suitable for tractors from 25hp.

The most versatile trailer you will ever need.

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Main features of the Multi-Use Trailer

  • All hydraulic functions electronically operated from the comfort of the cab.
  • Discharge to the rear, for topping up paths with stone, bark on flower beds, etc.
  • Optional, removable spreader is fully adjustable to suit different materials or spreading patterns.
  • Optional level controlled front trench filling system, in direct view of the driver.
  • Capacity 2 cubic meters, extendable to 3 cubic meters.



This model is suitable for:

Sportsturf Drainage Sportsturf Drainage

Optional items
  • Adjustable spreader
  • Extension sides
  • Gravel inserts
  • Gravel chute

Also suitable for use with:

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