Trenchers are machines that are used to dig gulleys, and they come in a variety of different sizes and styles. While all trenchers share the common goal of excavating a trench, they each have their own specific features that make them better suited to certain applications.

This article will look at what a drainage trencher is, and the different types of drainage trenchers, including civil engineering, agricultural and sports turf drainage trenchers. We’ll also discuss the various drainage trenching machines offered by AFT Trenchers in relation to each of these types, their main features and why you should choose AFT for your drainage trenching requirements.

What is a Drainage Trencher?

A drainage trencher is a type of construction equipment used to create trenches for the purpose of drainage. This type of trenching machine is often used in areas that are prone to flooding or have poor drainage.

The machine is used to excavate a trench in the ground for the purpose of installing drainage pipes. Drainage gulleys can be dug by hand, but using a trenching machine is much faster and easier.

The excavation is accomplished by a rotating cutter wheel that digs into the soil and cuts a groove for the pipe to be installed in. The machine is also equipped with a conveyor belt that carries the excavated material away from the trench.

The depth of the trench can be controlled by the operator, and the width is typically determined by the size of the blade.

The trenches created by the trencher help to redirect excess water away from homes and other structures, preventing damage from flooding.

Types of Trenching Machines

Drainage trenchers are typically used for commercial and industrial applications, such as the installation of underground utilities or the construction of sewer lines. However, they can also be used for residential projects, such as the installation of French drains or other types of drainage pipework systems.

In this article we will be discussing the three main types of trenchers: civil engineering, agricultural and sports turf trenchers.

Civil Engineering Drainage Trenchers

Civil Engineering Drainage Trenchers
Civil engineering trenchers are specifically designed for use in civil engineering and for cabling contractors. These are typically larger and more powerful than other types, and they feature a cutting chain that is specifically designed to cut through tough materials like concrete or asphalt.

These heavy duty machines are also able to ensure your trenches are as narrow as possible. This allows an improvement in productivity and a decrease in cost due to reducing back fill materials and labour.

Using AFT machines for civil engineering projects:

  • MH100 Excavator Mounted Trencher – the most versatile civil engineering trencher for demanding conditions; designed to fit on the digging arm of a larger excavator and dig wherever the arm can reach; useful for over barriers, in road verges or canals and down slopes.
  • HW60 Skid Steer Loader Mounted Trencher – the most effective for clean, quick and reliable trenching; widely used for installing fiber optic cables in roads and other hard surfaces.
  • AFT100 Tractor Mounted Trencher – rugged for tough digging conditions; good for quickly installing fiber optic cables and water pipes.
  • Wizz Wheel 75 Tractor Mounted Trencher – the fastest cutting of the narrowest trenchers; powerful and rugged; often used for installation of long distance fiber optic network cabling.
  • AFT45 – small but strong, providing efficiency and manoeuvrability; perfect for construction site work and in constricted areas.

Agricultural Drainage Trenchers

Agricultural Drainage Trenchers
Agricultural trenchers are used for digging gulleys in fields for irrigation or for purposes of land drainage.

Agricultural trenchers are an essential tool for any farmer or landowner. These machines improve soil conditions by providing irrigation or helping to ensure that soil does not become saturated, as this can damage crops and make it difficult to access land. They also help to improve crop yields by creating gulleys that allow water to drain away from the roots of plants. This allows the roots to access more oxygen, which helps them to grow stronger and healthier.

In addition, trenching machinery can improve ground conditions and help to keep your land accessible during periods of heavy rain or snow. This is essential for ensuring that you can continue with any necessary work without interruption.

Overall, an agricultural trenching machine is an invaluable tool for anyone who owns or manages farmland.

These machines are usually smaller and less powerful than civil engineering trenchers, and they often have a tractor attachment that allows them to be pulled by a farm vehicle. Agricultural machines typically have a rubber-tired wheel that helps protect the soil from compaction.

Using AFT machines for agricultural projects:

  • MH100 Agri – very versatile excavator mounted trencher for agricultural applications; designed to fit on the digging arm of a larger excavator and dig wherever the arm can reach.
  • AFT100 Tractor Mounted Trencher – a tough trencher for difficult digging conditions; good for quick installation of sophisticated drainage equipment systems.
  • AFT45 with Auger – a compact and lightweight but robust trencher for small to medium trenching projects; ideal for installation of drainage and irrigation systems.

Sports Turf Drainage Trenchers

Sports Turf Drainage Trenchers
Facilities with sports turf such as golf courses, football and rugby pitches need to be kept dry in order to prevent injuries to the athletes. These machines can help with the draining of excess water from these kinds of surfaces.

Sports turf trenchers are used to install underground drains in sports fields, such as golf courses or football stadiums. These machines are similar in size and power to agricultural trenchers, but they have a different cutting chain that is designed to cut through grass and root systems. Sports turf trenchers also often have a wheel kit that helps protect the turf from damage.

At AFT we manufacture trenchers that are specifically designed to work on golf courses, sports fields, and other amenity surfaces. Our equipment is used by leading contractors, golf clubs, and sports facilities as well as having contributed to many outstanding sporting venues including the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games and World Cup Football.

Sports turf trenchers are an essential tool for keeping sports pitches and golf courses dry whatever the weather, and at AFT our machines are specifically designed to provide maximum efficiency and productivity.

Using AFT machines for sport turf projects:

  • AFT100 – a powerful multi-purpose trencher for professional landscapers; rugged and able to deal with tough conditions.
  • Wizz Wheel 55 – the perfect slit trencher; designed for installation of intensive sports turf draining systems.
  • Wizz Wheel 75 – a powerful and rugged wheel trencher; designed for installation of intensive sports turf drainage systems worldwide.
  • Sandbander – provides fast results without disruption, revolutionising the way sand slits are installed on sport surfaces.
  • AFT45 with Wheel – a versatile trencher suitable for compact tractors.
  • AFT45 with Chain – the most versatile small sports turf trencher; perfect for digging on golf courses and sports fields.
  • Dual Use Hopper – the best tool for back filling with gravel or sand; can fill widths from 40mm with well consolidated sand, even if moist.
  • Aftraction – a self-propelled sports turf trenching machine perfect for landscapers; simple to use pedestrian version for small scale projects.
  • Rope Sandbander – for rapid installation of PCD (Passive Capillary Drainage) Systems; unique blade design and oscillating movement to install draining slits with PCD and well-consolidated sand.

Why Use AFT?

No matter what type of trench you need to dig, there is a trencher out there that is specifically designed for the job. AFT is a leading manufacturer of trenchers for civil engineering and cabling contractors, agricultural projects and sports turf applications.

At AFT we manufacture our wide range of trenchers in the UK and distribute them to a multitude of countries around the world. We understand that our customers have different requirements and so we offer a variety of models to suit various needs.

We are renowned for manufacturing and supplying the very highest quality machinery used for differing applications, such as agricultural, construction, landscaping and horticultural.

Our machines are built to last using only the most durable materials and have an excellent reputation for solid construction, ease of operation and minimal maintenance.

AFT manufactures tractor mounted and PTO driven machinery used by agricultural and sports turf contractors for projects all over the world, in addition to hydraulically driven machinery mounted onto excavators or skid steer loaders for the purposes of fiber optic cabling and the laying of water pipes.

AFT’s machines are ideal for cutting the narrowest width possible, thereby improving operational productivity and reducing the costs of back filling.

We have over 50 years of experience offering a wide variety of machines to suit your specific needs, and our experienced team is always available to help you choose the right machine for your project. Throughout its existence, AFT has built an excellent reputation for the quality of its machines, the quick and reliable supply of spares and unequalled service to its many customers.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you complete your next project on time and on budget.