Heavy Duty Groundwork and Civil Engineering Trenchers

Heavy duty trenchers for all types of groundwork. From the installation of utility services to sewerage systems. Delivering narrow trenches and better productivity.

AFT Trenchers Ltd manufactures a wide variety of trenchers for civil engineering and cabling contractors. Our heavy duty trenchers are ideal for cutting the narrowest trench size possible, thereby improving operational productivity and reducing costs of back fill materials and labour.

Trenchers for Civil Engineering Works

The MH100 is a powerful trencher mounted onto the arm of an excavator using an adjustable 360° turntable. Using the arm of the excavator in an offset position, this highly versatile trencher can be used in canals and down embankments, at the extreme edge of the road and over barriers. The maximum trench depth with the longest boom is 1.8m and trench width can be between 125mm and 400mm. The MH100 requires 200+ l/min of continuous oil flow at 280+ BAR.

The HW60 is a hydraulic wheel trencher mounted onto skid steer loaders. This compact trencher is designed for fast and tidy trenching in difficult conditions along busy city streets and in roads. The HW60 only requires a minimum oil flow of 100 l/min at 170 BAR.

The AFT100 is a tractor mounted and PTO driven chain trencher. With our special heavy duty chain and bullet teeth this rugged trencher can dig in very difficult ground conditions, such as through 200mm of concrete. Digging depth is up to 1.8m and width to 400mm. The AFT100 works best on a tractor of 100+HP with Vario transmission or with a creeper gearbox.

The WizzWheel 75 is a tractor mounted and PTO driven wheel trencher. Fitted with our Rock Wheel and bullet teeth, this robust machine can dig through almost anything. Trench depth is up to 0.75m and width can be from 75mm to 150mm. To operate this trencher you need a tractor of 120+HP with Vario transmission or with a creeper gearbox.

The AFT45 is mounted on smaller hydrostatic tractors of 30+HP and can be fitted with soil blades or carbide teeth: the perfect solution for smaller trenching projects. Trench depth can be up to 1.2m and width to 200mm.

For more information on civil engineering trenching machines then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to offer advice with regards to which type of trencher will work best for your project.