AFT45 Trencher brings Stanmore Golf Clubs Course up to Par

Stanmore Golf Clubs

The AFT45 is a compact tractor used for the installation of drainage and irrigation system, and is ideal to use in situations where minimal disruption is required, so is ideal for use on Golf Courses or sports fields. When the Stanmore Golf Club decided to update their current irrigation system they contacted AFT Trenchers Ltd and decided the AFT45 was the machine for them.

Stanmore Golf Club is an historic course dating back to 1893 based in Middlesex. The course was in need of updating its drainage on many of its greens so they couldn’t have chosen a better tractor. As this machine works quickly and is compact it will install the new drainage systems with the minimal amount of disruption to the course or its players.

As you can imagine with a course built in the late 1800’s although it has been well maintained the irrigation techniques used back then were different to how they are done today. The method used was good but it was a method used that would collect water so it could then gradually irrigate it out. The trouble was in a heavy downfall it retained too much water leaving the ground wet and water-logged for long periods of time, and as any golfer will tell you this is not good for their game.

The course manager is now able to install the drains himself with the AFT45 trencher, with them being done quickly and efficiently. The manager did say they looked at several machines before the AFT45 but this machine was the easiest to use and the most efficient.

To date the course manager has completed 2 drains and already they have noticed a huge improvement to the course with the ground being drier and firmer even after heavy downfalls, all good news for the players.

To find out more about the AFT45 trencher or any of our other machines contact the team at AFT Trenchers who will be more than happy to help you with your inquiry.

This model is suitable for:

  • Sportsturf Drainage