Drainage and Flooding

Wizz Wheel AFT Trenchers

Drainage and flooding are hot topics after the recent flooding the UK has experienced over most of the winter months this year. It is now being said we should get used to these extreme weather conditions as they are going to be the way of the future due to the changing climate. The best way for you to avoid the same intensity of flooding, should we have the same heavy downfall, is to put in place a management plan that will help you have better control and be more prepared over these types of conditions in future.

For farmers, sports grounds, golf clubs or any other large grassed areas, who have suffered from flooding or drainage problems or are overdue for ground maintenance works, it pays to act now and resolve your ground issues before they become a problem. The best way to do this is by looking into ways you can get your ground back in good condition so it can absorb even the most intense rain fall.

AFT Trenchers have Sports turf and Agriculture drainage machines that will help you get your grounds in better condition so they can absorb and deal with any further extreme rain or other weather conditions in the future. Drainage schemes in the past have been put on the back burner by many as they were seen as something that needs to be done at some point but maybe next year. The recent flooding has driven home how important it is to keep your grounds in good condition and keep up to date with ground maintenance.

The types of machines available to help with your drainage issues are:

AFT45 – this is a versatile sportsturf trencher that is compact and ideal to refine and improve soil

AFT100 – has twin augers and a two tier conveyor system that is ideal when you need quick and accurate trenching done

Wizz Wheels 55 and 75 – used for installing intense sportsturf drainage systems, working well with hard and stony conditions but also just as great with soft and wet conditions

Sandbander – used for where sand slits need to be installed on sports ground surfaces. It can be used in most conditions and operates using oscillating movements

Multi-use trailer – ideal for top dressing due to its versatility, as it discharges at the rear to an adjustable spinner or to the front to fill trenchers, while still have the ability to fill other machinery to its sides while on the move.

Dual Use Hopper – ideal for backfilling those narrow trenchers with gravel and sand, or both if required.

AFTraction – useful for small landscaping jobs that involve irrigating, draining and cable laying.

To find out more about any of these machines or to have a trial to see how well they will work for you, contact AFT Trenchers.

This model is suitable for

  • Sportsturf Drainage