How is drainage on your farm?

Trenching machine in yellowAFT1OO – The best investment for long term yield improvement; also provides an excellent opportunity for local contracting

Latest AFT100 trencher provides the solution to farm drainage

The AFT100 trencher is designed to create efficient land drainage preventing the soil from becoming saturated. This allows crops to flourish, obtaining the right level of moisture to encourage good root development and natural growth. At the same time the land remains accessible for machines at all times. It is the most economical way, long term to improve crop yields.

A tough trencher for tough digging conditions; the AFT100 is suitable for tractors from 90hp to 140+hp (68 – 105kW), with either a creeper or hydrostatic gearbox.

The AFT100 which is fitted with an overhead hydraulic lift pipe reel carrier. This is designed to keep the whole unit within the width of the tractor making road travel much safer.

AFT Trenchers is also showing the popular 8 tonne capacity stone cart.

Trencher working on a farm

This high load stone cart is the ideal piece of equipment to be used in conjunction with AFT trenchers on large farms and for contractors who install and maintain drainage systems, carting stones and spoil on a regular basis.

Built for strength and with an increased sized hopper; the AFT stone cart comes complete with a lifting and folding conveyor system for loading stone chutes or backfilling of trenches. The maximum discharge height is 1.5m.

At 5.33 metres long, 2.4metres wide and 2.64metres high, it is within the required road transport widths. Agricultural tyres, road lights and hydraulic brakes on the axle all provide easy manoeuvring during transportation.

This model is suitable for

  • Sportsturf Drainage