GSI Coiled Duct

GSI Corporation Ltd is leading a new era of underground cable duct infrastructures.

Coiled Duct install using a Trenching Machine

GSI Coiled Duct (GCD) is highly robust. With unrivalled compression strength, it is also very flexible and is delivered in great continuous lengths. GCD is manufactured complete with inner ducts as one complex extrusion. A range of outer and inner duct configurations can be specified by customers to meet the project requirements.

GCD delivers immediate and long term benefits:

  • Reduced costs of installation
  • Greatly increased speeds of installation
  • Enhanced sustainability
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Reduced traffic, transportation, congestion, pollution and waste
  • Significant reductions in Health and Safety risks
  • Providing a network of incredible strength which will remain intact, air-tight and water-tight, for 50+ years

GCD is beautifully simple in design and is easily understood. Hundreds of metres can be installed in minutes.

The duct strength enables ‘as dug’ material to be used to fill trench works. Use of AFT Trenchers has been shown to be highly effective, cutting trenches at over 8 times the speed of traditional diggers, allowing great distances of GCD to be installed with ease.