HW60 – Skid Steer Loader Mounted Trencher

The hydraulic wheel trencher HW60 is the most effective trencher for clean, quick and reliable trenching and is much used for installing (fiber optic) cables in roads and other hard surfaces.

It is designed for skid steer loaders with “high flow” hydraulic oil supply of 110-130 l/min at 180 Bar. It also can be fitted fit on excavators to dig wherever the arm can reach: over barriers, down slopes, in road verges, etc.

The HW60 digs trenches up to ten times faster than an excavator with bucket and exactly at the width needed.

This model is suitable for:

HW60 Videos
BOBCAT (trench width 150mm)
CAT (trench width 100mm)
GAMZEN (trench width 50mm)