AFT Sandbander saves the Day

AFT Sandbander

Poor conditions in some parts of the football pitches at Aston University saw too many matches cancelled over the last few years. This has caused problems not only to the university but also to the local community who use the fields for football games. The grounds manager at Aston University decided they needed to get this sorted once and for all and they wanted to find a solution fast as they were losing much needed revenue from these cancelled matches.

The pitches at the university are well used and this constant use over time took its toll on the turf with the worst areas being directly in front of the goals and the six yard boxes. Without fixing this problem the situation would only become worse.

An immediate course of action was needed but they could not afford to close pitches to allow the maintenance or give the turf time to grow, so after contacting AFT Trenchers Ltd and speaking with Peter Smith they bought an AFT Sandbander as they were extremely impressed with what they were shown.

An AFT Sandbander machine is ideal for this type of situation as it is used for sand-slitting in areas of the ground that are vulnerable. The drainage for the damaged areas was instantly improved, and the water could visually be sees to dissipate.

The AFT Sandbander is a new revolutionary way that sand-slits are created on sports surfaces. It has a unique blade that is designed to move in an oscillating movement creating drainage slits with well-consolidated sand. It is a machine that is used where diverting surface water to existing lateral drains is required.

Eventually Aston University will complete the whole pitch so the whole area will have more effective drainage. They couldn’t be happier with the results and look forward to many more years of games that will no longer need to be cancelled.

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This model is suitable for

  • Sportsturf Drainage
  • Civil Engineering Trenching